As an empire, Thera believes it is both their right and their responsibility to spread their particular brand of civilization across the world. They have cemented their influence around the Selestrean Sea and they know much about the larger world from the far east of Cathay to the far western lands of the feathered serpents. But they have so far (perhaps wisely) kept their goals of conquest closer to home.

Unfortunately, few of their Provinces are appreciative of their efforts. With the exception of Rugaria (Barsaive’s neighbor to the southwest), every Province has some manner of conflict. Marac’s revolution continues to rage and demands much of Thera’s attention. The tribal powers of Vasgothia rise up time and time again. And Thera has lost a second war with Barsaive.

Many Therans have come to realize these other Provinces have strengths that Barsaive does not. To win, the Therans seem to have opted to surrender one to secure another. Their forces have withdrawn from around Vivane, with those resources being sent to other regions in need. However, many of the Namegivers left behind in what was once “Vivane Province” still hope to see Thera’s return. If they could consolidate their power elsewhere and return while this goodwill continues to exist, there might be reason enough to start a Third Theran War.

In the interest of returning to the path of conquest, many high ranking Therans are searching for new weapons. Weapons of great enough power to end all organized resistance. But what sort of weapon could stop the cosmopolitan forces of Barsaive? Well… perhaps they realize that it is not the Namegivers of Barsaive that must be stopped.

About the Blogger: Kyle Pritchard is a second-generation tabletop gamer who has been slinging dice since before he was crawling. He’s been working with FASA Games since 2014 and has been a member of Earthdawn Team since 2018.