Demonworld is set in the fantasy world of Garin. For thousands of years, the races on the continent of Tinere have warred with each other. Some of their battles were justified, while others were fought in the name of power, land, or perceived wrongs. Humans of the Empire held off war-obsessed Orcs on one side and the evil Isthak on the other. Dwarves have kept an eye on the Goblin villages to the east ever since the Goblins had a hand in nearly wiping out several Dwarven clans. And the Elves have hidden beneath their precious trees, dealing death to encroachers with merciless haste.

But as the races fought their petty wars, an enemy from Garin’s past returned. In the frozen north, Xeribulos Dan Hurrorcan, the Ice Demon, was restored to power through dark and bloody rituals. With his rise, Xeribulos renewed power restored the link between the plane of life and the Void and caused innumerable rifts to form, bringing forth hordes of demons. The demons that spill from the rifts have one common goal; destruction of all life. Now, the races of Garin are sorely outnumbered and fight for more than power or vengeance. They must secure their borders, sharpen their swords, and seek out allies where they once found deadly enemies,.

Demonworld is a high fantasy setting with dark overtones. All life is at risk and the races must come together to save as much as they can from the demons’ corruption.