In the previous editions of Demonworld there was a single empire of Humans that had broken away from the yoke of slavery to the Elves and formed their own society.

This is being substantially changed in 4th edition due to the reasons outlined in the previous post.

For the humans in the setting, who are amongst the youngest of the races on Garin, there will be a set of nations created that are scattered across the continent. Most will be governed in a typical high-fantasy fashion of a feudal kingdom but there may also be some independent city states and possibly even a merchant enclave or two. The writing for all of these nations is in progress and so specific details remain to be determined.

While still using the superb figures in the RPE range, this will require some renaming of product packs to bring them into line with the new background as there will not be one all-encompassing Empire.

We’re also going to try to give each of the factions their own unique flavour. Whilst keeping a core army that will be usable by all of the factions, there will be special units that will be more closely tied with a limited set of factions. There are various reasons for this but really it boils down mostly to ensuring that each faction is not just another clone of a king/queen and subjects.

One of the really key points of the new background is to create a world that is rich and nuanced with lots of depth and interesting characters and events. I hope you come along for the journey.

In this post we concentrated on the archetypal humans in Demonworld. In upcoming blog posts, we’ll highlight Barbarian humans and Isthak humans and talk about what separates them from their cousins.