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FGI works closely with FASA Corporation and Ral Partha Europe Ltd to create new game lines under the FASA brand and to continue supporting and developing products for its licensed properties.

Based in the USA, FASA Games’ primary focus is on producing pen-and-paper roleplaying and tabletop miniatures games and supporting products and accessories.

Diversity Policy: FASA Games, Inc., is, and will remain, committed to a policy of diversity, openness and equality. Our games will reflect a broad spectrum of race, religion, gender presentation and orientation, and other aspects of human existence, in keeping with the nature of each game world. Our staff positions and freelance contracts will be awarded based solely on skill, experience, and suitability of work product

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FASA Corporation (FASA) has published books and games since 1980. FASA’s many games included BattleTech, Shadowrun, Earthdawn, Crimson Skies, Renegade Legion, Vor, Crucible, and some earlier licensed lines, Traveller, Star Trek, and Doctor Who. While operations ceased in 2001, FASA Corporation was still around managing Earthdawn and Ral Partha Europe Ltd. In 2011 FASA acquired the Demonworld game and miniatures line.

FASA Corporation currently manages and licenses its intellectual properties through FASA Games, Inc. and Ral Partha Europe Ltd.

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Ral Partha Europe Ltd (RPE) was created in 1998 to manufacture miniatures for the European markets. When the dust settled after the 2001 change in operations, RPE remained a subsidiary of FASA Corporation and has continued to make great miniatures ever since. Demonworld was acquired from Hobby Products in 2011. This excellent range of 15mm fantasy figures is currently in production. The game and its supplements are available through FASA Games, Inc.

RPE is currently licensed to manufacture miniatures for BattleTech, the classic Ral Partha lines, and the German roleplaying game, DSA. Stock from old FASA games lines is still available. To visit the Ral Partha Europe online store, follow this link: http://www.ralparthaeurope.co.uk