Legends of Barsaive is a living campaign launched at GenCon in 2016. Over the course of the campaign’s adventures, players become involved with various factions in the town of Haven, located on the edge of Parlainth’s ruins.

Torgak, the current mayor, is getting on in years. Who will succeed him? The involvement and decisions of the players will shape the future of this frontier town.

In addition to having these adventures run at GenCon, the adventures are available for fans to run at other events, or even their home table. Multiple adventures have been released so far, along with a collection of the first eight in a single volume. The plan is to release adventures as they are finished, with the entire campaign planned to span sixteen chapters.

Each adventure includes a brief “after action report” that will let the GM share how things turned out. Did a notable character live or die? Which faction ended up in possession of an important artifact? Which side did the player characters choose in a conflict? The answers to these questions will inform and shape later adventures.


Players are encouraged to create their own characters, which they can play and advance during the story arc. To that end, we have a couple of free supplements to help.

Characters provides a 36-page guide to creating an Earthdawn character. This includes the charts and tables from the Player’s Guide, along with an overview of the First Circle talent and spell selections available to each of the fifteen core Disciplines.

While the Player’s Guide is needed to take full advantage of the ruleset, this handy booklet can make character generation flow just a touch more smoothly.

In addition to making a character, of course, you need to know a little bit about what’s going on where they are! We’ve got you covered there as well.


Haven is a 24-page booklet that gives an overview of the eponymous frontier town. The situation at the start of the living campaign is presented, along with summaries of the different factions and the prominent characters within them. It also includes a system for tracking the benefits characters can earn working for these different organizations, and a system that can be used to create random, novice-tier thread items.

Interested in taking part? Want to run adventures at a convention or local game store? The Freedonian Engineering Corps is always recruiting!

The Legends of Barsaive chapters released so far are:

Legends of Barsaive: Haven Volume 1 is the collection of the first eight chapters, with some additional content. The prelude adventure, Masks of Fear, is included, along with additional information about Haven and minor revisions to the adventures to fix errors. It is available now.