It is the beginning of the 51st Century.

In the wake of the Emperor Wars and Alexius’ ascension to the Phoenix Throne, the noble houses find themselves scrambling to maintain their existing power and increase it in the face of a strong empire. Fighting with each other in a shadow conflict, they battle for resources, fiefs, and pride while trying to avoid interdiction from the Imperial fleet.

In the idleness of peace, young nobles beginning their careers take small fleets to capture ships from their rivals and build their own legends. Farther out in the dark fleets patrol their systems to defend against pirates and raiders from other noble houses. At the edges of the Empire the Kurgan Caliphate, Vuldrok Raiders, Symbiots, and Vau all test the mettle of the fleets of the Phoenix Empire and its Royal Houses.

Themes and Inspiration

Noble Armada draws on the deep background of the Fading Suns universe to provide a backdrop for exciting fleet engagements. The player takes the role of the fleet’s noble commander and controls the ships in the fleet by issuing them command orders while maintaining lines of communication and sensor contact.

In Noble Armada starships are a valuable commodity and an irreplaceable resource for most noble houses. Clever commanders try to position their ships to board and capture an opponent rather than destroy them. Captured ships become part of their new captors fleet immediately, and in future campaigns.

Guidelines are provided in the game to set up specific scenarios. Scenarios can be played standalone, or as part of a campaign where resources and results from earlier scenarios will affect later ones.

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