The aetherstream opened the stars to us. Building gates to bridge rivers of aether, we left the cradle of humanity and settled hundreds of new worlds. Under the Terran Commonwealth we prospered. Intrepid pilots scouted the aetherstream for new prime worlds. Then everything changed, humanity was struck by a period of great suffering culminating in the disappearance of Earth and the Sol system. They just vanished. Years of chaos and reconstruction has now reached a careful balance between what remains. The Terran Commonwealth, Callistonian Empire, Babylonian Union, Free Trade Directorate, and the Allied Worlds all established themselves as the powers that control the gates, the path between the primer worlds.
Now that balance is threatened, a new prime world has been discovered, one that is rumored to have resources in quantities rare for even a prime. Exploitation of this world could tip the balance of power between the five factions. Open conflict has broken out between the Terran Commonwealth and the Callistonian Empire with more soon to follow.

aetherstream travel, time passes at the same rate for those in and out of the stream. It is distance that is extremely inconsistent. Gates and jump drives use brute force to create a fixed path through the aetherstream. The aetherships, free navigating, can choose their own course, but require espers with the ability to sense and navigate in the aetherstream (aethernavigators).

The setting of Aetherstream finds human explored space divided into five major factions.  Currently The Terran Commonwealth in open conflict with the Callistonian Empire and the Allied Worlds.  After initial success and then suffering counter attacks all find themselves in a stalemate.  The discovery of a new prime world threatens to upset this balance.

Terran Commonwealth

The Terran Commonwealth is the loyalist remains of the once grand collection of prime worlds and their neighboring planets.  Controlled by the 5 Grand Marshals, their current strategy is to unite their people by fighting a common foe.  The current problem is that they find themselves fighting on two fronts against the Empire and the Allied Worlds.

Callistonian Empire

The Callistonian Empire was one of the first to splinter away from the Commonwealth.  Lead by the charismatic Anastasia Callisto, they united industrial and commercial powers to create a successful Empire.  So successful that they declared themself Imperatrix.

Babylonian Union

The Babylonian Union feels itself as the true successor to the original Commonwealth.  Holding to the old ways, perhaps too rigidly, they maneuver behind the scenes propping up one system and working against another to maintain the balance of power.  The current open conflicts between the Commonwealth, Empire and Allied Worlds will test this strategy.

Free Trade Directorate

The Free Trade Directorate began as an alliance of convenience between neighboring worlds to ensure the easy passage of goods and services during the difficult times after the disappearance of Earth.  The steady accumulation of wealth and the power followed.  The Directorate maintains strict control of their own worlds now and has their fingers in the production and trade everywhere they can.

Allied Worlds

The Alliance of Independent Worlds or Allied Worlds began as a group of three prime worlds and their supporting clusters of systems. With no desire to play politics but forced into alliance because of the actions of others, the Allied Worlds make up their lack of numbers with superior technology.  Sometimes willing to sell to anyone with the money they are fending off the attacks of the Commonwealth.

Interceptor is a space fighter combat game set in the Aetherstream setting. The basic game contains 20 fighters, hex maps, 2 maneuver templates and plenty of dice. Battles between 6 to 12 fighters per side should be resolved in an hour. Fighter cards and pilot cards keep track of stats and condition.

It’s all here ready for you to play right out of the box. Pitting the Terran Commonwealth against the Callistonian Empire, each side is represented by two each of 10 different fighter designs, each with its own stand.

Here are links to our How to Play video and some of our playtest game sessions.