FEC Convention and Demo Calendar


What is the Freedonian Engineering Corps?

The Freedonian Engineering Corps (FEC) is the official demo and playtesting group for FASA Games, Inc. We travel to conventions to run games and also get to playtest games before they are released.

What do I have to do?

Help us run games at conventions! Also if you wanted to help us paint miniatures, playtest games, and respond to our open calls for writers and artists for the different game lines we’d be cool with that too!

Does it pay?

Sort of. For official conventions (ones which FASA Games, Inc. is attending as well) we can pay for badges and possibly even get a shared hotel room to use. We have a cool chart that shows the break down of game time and badge compensation and hotel offer. We also have a system of volunteered game time turning into credit for our books and miniatures. (Note we don’t have too many books yet but we will!). As an extra bonus, once you are in the convention, any time that you are NOT running games is all yours to have fun with.

We’ll also be asking people to go to their local game shops with game days, run demos, and other public events like that.

If you like to write adventures we’ll also take submissions for adventures to be OFFICIAL FASA Games, Inc. for your favorite game line!

How do I join

The group is currently run by FASA Games director Todd Bogenrief (bogie@fasagames.com), send me an email with your interest and we’ll talk.