Sourcebooks expand your Earthdawn game, exploring lands inside and outside of Barsaive, or looking in more depth at some aspect of the province’s people and culture. They provide locations, gamemaster characters, story hooks, treasures, creatures, supplemental rules, and more!


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The white walls of Travar weathered the Scourge better than most. The city has been a center of trade since before the Scourge and stayed out of the conflicts between Throal and Thera. But Throal is no longer the beacon of hope and freedom it once was. While the dwarfs still trade, Travar’s merchant houses see more opportunities to line their pockets, and that brings greater influence in Barsaive.

With greater influence comes greater attention. Trade is critical to post-war rebuilding efforts, and those who control trade control Barsaive. Foreign powers — Throal, Iopos, Thera, and more — look for ways to use Travar’s mercantile strength to their advantage.

Meanwhile, the Badlands continue to grow.

Travar: The Merchant City
Fourth Edition Sourcebook
Format: 6″ x 9″, softcover or PDF, 320 B&W pages


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The Elven Court long stood as the seat and heart of elven culture. But there are nations of elves in distant lands, and their relationship with the Court shaped the past of Barsaive and led to the rise of the Theran Empire.

In the wake of the Scourge, the Court is corrupted and insular. How will the lands of Shosara and Sereatha face the future? Will they help redeem the Blood Wood, or raise their own light to guide the destiny of the elven people?

Elven Nations
Fourth Edition Sourcebook
Format: 6″ x 9″, softcover or PDF, 288 B&W pages


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Devoted followers of the Passions, questors are the connection between the people of Barsaive and these mysterious, powerful entities.

This sourcebook for Earthdawn explores the role of questors in Barsaive, giving you insight on their way of thinking. It also provides rules for creating and playing devotees of the Passions in your game.

Fourth Edition Sourcebook
Format: 6″ x 9″, softcover or PDF, 192 B&W pages

The Adept’s Journey: Mystic Paths

For all the power at their fingertips, the adept’s journey is not an easy one. They can change the world with it. They can shape what is around them. They are the light in the darkness. However, there is responsibility in that power. Despite what they have in common, each adept’s journey is unique and how they choose to wield their power shapes their perspective.

It’s always best to bring friends. Adepts gathered together for common cause to form paths, groups dedicate to. their goals. Some are organized, others anything but. Some public, others’ true motivations are tightly held secrets. Through these bonds adepts find power and purpose, but they also find conflict over how to use their power and to what end. Even with like-minded followers, the adept’s journey is never an easy one.

The Adept’s Journey: Mystic Paths offers players new character options for those who wish to follow one of these mysterious paths. It explores their motivations, goals, and conflicts, giving characters a chance to find risk and reward alike in their new obligations. Gamemasters find new organizations to work with players, against them, or something more complicated. Rules are provided for Paths, new Disciplines, talents, talent knacks, spells, spirits, and more, ensuring there is something for nearly everyone within.

Fourth Edition Sourcebook — Available now!
Format: 6″ x 9″, PDF, softcover, or deluxe hardcover, 384 B&W pages

Iopos: Lair of Deceit

Founded by the tribal clans of the Iopa plain, the city of Iopos was long considered a minor power in Barsaive. Even after the Scourge, the city’s harsh justice and devotion to Uhl Denariastas was seen as strange, but not overtly dangerous. After all, the Long Night had many consequences.

But when a Denairastas agent assassinated King Varulus III of Throal, the true extent of the Iopan threat was revealed. The Holders of Trust has eyes and agents across Barsaive. Gathering information. Pitting neighbor against neighbor. Manipulating events to bring the province under Uhl’s control.

This sourcebook for Earthdawn dives into the enigmatic home of the Denairastas clan. Learn the history and customs of the people who live there. Explore the Ministries that control every aspect of public life. Uncover the secrets of the Holders of Trust and their nefarious masters.

Fourth Edition Sourcebook — Available now!
Format: 6″ x 9″, PDF or softcover, 256 B&W pages

Empty Thrones

The First Minister of Iopos has died with no proclaimed heir. Spies and schemers orbit the presumed assassination, backed by those desperate to claim the Malachite Seat. Throughout Barsaive, events spiral out from this unexpected moment, calling out for heroes.

Iopos rots from within and trustworthy resources are needed to infiltrate the Copper Branch of Councilor Plaza. Jerris senses weakness and agitates for their freedom. False identities, lies, and coercion lead Cara Fahd to the brink of war. Kratas is betrayed by their allies. The Great Dragons seek to ensure Iopos is unable to lay claim to an unstoppable weapon.

This sourcebook provides the information needed to run each of these events – whether separately or in an epic-style campaign that spans Western Barsaive. Additionally, this book fleshes out four locales you can use for further adventures: Councilor Plaza, a district in Iopos’ Clansward; the citadels of occupied Jerris; the fishing village of Freewater on the border of Cara Fahd; and Kratas’ port-city of Daiche.

Can you influence who will ascend to Barsaive’s Empty Thrones?

Fourth Edition Sourcebook — Available now!
Format: 6″ x 9″, PDF or softcover, 256 B&W pages


The Theran Empire has long exerted its influence over the fertile lands of Vasgothia and faced intense resistance from the locals for their intrusion. In a show of defiance before the Scourge, the fierce Barrite tribes refused the Theran Rites of Protection and Passage. Instead, they marched to war beside their Passions against the Horrors. When the surviving Empirists emerged from their citadels hundreds of years later, not a single Barrite remained, and knowledge of their Passions was erased.

Now the Dread Yearning plagues the land. This magical affliction draws those affected into the terrifying Deep Forest and the Place of ReNaming. The Namegivers who emerge are reborn as Barrites of old, or so they believe. They resist the Theran occupiers as their forebears did. Of course, the Empire refuses to lose their breadbasket, watering their hard-won fields with blood.

This sourcebook for Earthdawn provides a detailed look at Barsaive’s distant western neighbor. It provides descriptions of Theran holdings and personalities and sheds light on the Barrites and their patchwork of emerging cultures. It includes rules for a new Discipline variant, a new Path, and two new Namegiver races. Gamemasters will discover new treasures, foes, and plots to drive their tables deeper into the alien domain of the Deep Forest.

Groups who want to explore lands beyond Barsaive will find a trove within these pages. Whether as Empirists navigating their past and future in the province, reNamed Barrites fighting to overthrow the Therans’ yoke, agents of Throal looking for allies and support against the growing Denairastas threat, mercenaries for Travar wishing to expand trade routes, or adepts seeking adventure and the draw of the Towers, there’s something to call any group to Vasgothia and heed the yearning.

Fourth Edition Sourcebook — Available now!
Format: 6″ x 9″, PDF or softcover, 288 B&W pages