What’s Up with Noble Armada?

Howdy! Line developer Todd here dropping in to give a word on what is going on with Noble Armada. It has been quite a while since the core book was released without a lot in the way of news on continuing the line. Well I am here now to say that we are hard at work producing the next books for the product line.

We are concentrating on getting the rest of the miniatures into production along with the House books. The first book up is House Decados, and I can say that we are getting close to having the first draft of it done. One of the major updates in the book are some rules to expand on the stealth rules in the game. They do not replace anything in the core, but can be used as an option to make stealthships a lot more fun and add some uncertainty to the opening rounds of the game as to fleet composition and deployments. There is no date yet set for the Decados book, but once the primary writing is done we will look for an appropriate time to schedule the book’s campaign and release dates.

Another thing that I would really like to work on is getting some of the ship readouts corrected from the core book and we are working with some layout people to get those online as soon as possible. Especially for those with Hawkwood and Hazat fleets. Although I suppose Hawkwood players will miss all those rockets where light lasers should be.

That is it for this week’s update. A short one, but I just wanted to let everyone know that we are hard at work on preparing and producing books to fill out the rest of the miniatures line. Next week will be a deeper look into what to expect in the upcoming House books.