FASA Games would like to announce the upcoming release of Demonworld 4th Edition.

Demonworld will be getting:

A completely new background setting,
An updated set of miniature table top wargame rules based on the 3rd edition rules,
A new set of race books including new army lists.
A quick-play set of rules and army lists which will be free to download and play.
Painting guides including how-to videos and PDFs
How-to-Play Video tutorials and game play demos from some of our playtest sessions

The quickplay set of rules should be available in Q2 of 2022 with the full release of the new ruleset in Q4 2022.

Q3 will see a Kickstarter campaign for a Battle Box which will include the full rules, two ready to play armies and everything else needed to play right out of the box. The exact contents of this starter box are still being finalized and we will let you know what they will be as we go through the development process.  The front runner armies for the boxed set are Humans and Goblinoids (Orcs and Goblins) as they did not get a 3rd edition Army Book release.

Currently full armies of metal miniatures are available through FASA Games and RPE.  But the future is not limited to just metal and may see plastic and resin versions.  A great new addition will be terrain including buildings for your table top battlefield.

Watch for announcements, progress reports and behind the scenes development notes here, on our Demonworld Discord channel and our Demonworld Facebook group.

If you would like to get involved in this new and revised edition of Demonworld, you can contact me at:

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