The giants of Garin are, like dragons, the remains of a species created in a much earlier age. Originally created to help shape the land masses, these enormous creatures once strode the land unmatched by any other species. With their great size came great power, and this led to the temptation to use them as soldiers in the gods’ wars. This took a significant toll on the population of giants, and as they are slow to reproduce, their numbers dwindled.

While huge and brutally powerful, giants were never imbued with keen intellect and were incapable of wielding magic of their own. This often left them at a huge disadvantage against magic-using species like dragons, particularly when faced with water and fire magic.

Over time, as their numbers dwindled, their size also diminished, and the largest of the giants alive on Garin today are but a fraction of the size of the creatures at the height of their power. For all of that, they are still fearsome creatures in battle, and an army that has a giant or two among their number can count themselves fortunate indeed.

There are different kinds of giants living scattered around the continent of Tinerè. Ice giants inhabit the frozen north and some of the highest mountain ranges. Rock and Hill giants, as their names suggest, prefer mountains and rocky hills. Bronze giants seek out areas that are high in metals, and Storm giants live on the great plains. All species of giant have an affinity with Trolls, and often the two species will live side by side peacefully.