It is late Thursday (local time) as I write this. I’m trying to get into the habit of having some kind of blog post every week, with an eye towards essays offering general advice about the game. This week snuck up on me though, so I haven’t had a chance to flesh out the idea I have for the first of those (which will be about in-game time management). Instead, I’m going to give you a look at a new thread item, which may end up in the Earthdawn Companion.


  • Maximum Threads: 2
  • Mystic Defense: 14
  • Tier: Warden

In the last days before the Scourge, a t’skrang Weaponsmith Named Leahr was hired by Ladarrack, captain of the river galley Aetritris. He was brought aboard to ensure her crew had the finest weapons, as the danger presented by Horrors was ever present. Aetrin was the finest creation of his career and it went to Capt. Ladarrack. She called it a noble blade, befitting of her; and so it was. The single edge had a graceful curve and gleamed brilliantly in the light. Her crew could always find her in the din of battle from the flashing light from her sword.

Tragically, Ladarrack and nearly all her crew perished where the small community of Javukk once was, snuffed out by the Horror Ubyr. She fought without fear and struck three mighty blows against the Horror, but it was to no avail and Aetrin was lost to the Serpent.

Without a thread attached, the sword is Damage Step 5.

Thread Rank One

  • Key Knowledge: The owner must learn the Name of the sword.
  • Effect: The sword is Damage Step 6.

Thread Rank Two

  • Effect: The owner gains +1 to Social Defense.

Thread Rank Three

  • Key Knowledge: The owner must learn the Name, race, and Discipline of the sword’s creator.
  • Effect: The sword is Damage Step 7.

Thread Rank Four

  • Effect: The owner gains +1 to Physical Defense.

Thread Rank Five

  • Key Knowledge: The owner must learn the Name, race, and Discipline of the sword’s first owner, as well as the Name of her ship.
  • Effect: The owner gains access to the Noble Blade ability. For 2 Strain as a Simple Action, the owner gains +2 to Physical, Mystic, and Social Defense against Horrors and Horror constructs until the end of the next turn.

Thread Rank Six

  • Effect: The sword is forever untarnished and unsullied. The Step of any poison or corrosive (acidic or caustic) affecting the owner is reduced by -5.

Thread Rank Seven

  • Key Knowledge: The owner must learn how the sword’s first owner died (including the Horror’s Name).
  • Deed: The owner must kill a Horror more powerful than the owner using the blade. If the sword does not strike the killing blow, it must Wound the Horror.
  • Effect: All of the owner’s allies within 10 yards also benefit from the Noble Blade ability when it is activated.

Thread Rank Eight

  • Effect: The sword is Damage Step 9.