GenCon is this week and the previews for Magic: Deeper Secrets continue. This time is a partial list of Nethermancer spells. As with all previews, these are subject to change. Some of these are returning spells and others are new. However, many of the returning spells are different from their previous incarnations in key ways — the same name doesn’t mean exactly the same effect.

First Circle

  • Detect Undead
  • Preserve
  • Putrefy
  • Spirit Labor
  • Undead Struggle

Second Circle

  • Animate Skeleton
  • Death Trance
  • Netherlight
  • Sculpt Darkness
  • Translator Spirit

Third Circle

  • Animate Spirit Object
  • Astral Whisper
  • Bone Dance
  • Pattern Spike
  • Spirit Double

Fourth Circle

  • Aspect of the Shadow Hunter
  • Blood Servitor
  • Fatal Food
  • Forget Hunger
  • Spirit Servant
  • Summon Shadow Hunter

Fifth Circle

  • Blood Lost
  • Cold Storage
  • Scythe Ward
  • Spiritual Guidance
  • Whisper Through the Night

Sixth Circle

  • Bone Walker
  • Grave Silence
  • Netherwave
  • Nightmare of Foreboding
  • Tears of the Scourge
  • Wall of Darkness

Seventh Circle

  • Banquet of Dis
  • Death’s Visitation
  • Desiccate
  • Pattern Ligature
  • Spirit Bolt
  • Wit Friend

Eighth Circle

  • Blood Boil
  • Damage Shift
  • Gravelight
  • Lock the Astral Gates
  • Visions of Death

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