I’m pleased to announce that the Fort Alice Sourcebook has been completed and, as of this posting, the PDF has been released!

Kickstarter backers should have received an announcement email a short while ago, so if you haven’t yet, please check your email to make sure you got it, as that will have your coupon codes. For everyone who did not back the Kickstarter, the book is available on our web store for purchase. Head over to this link here to pick up your copy.

As I’ve said a few times before, I am thrilled with the look of our new layout. The artwork is fantastic, the pages look phenomenal (and, at least in my old eyes’ opinion, are much easier to read after staring at them for long hours at a time; believe me, I know), and the motion study art gives not only the book itself, but each chapter a unique flair. When you get your copy, if you’re like me you’ll probably spend some time just scrolling through pages to watch the art move across like a flip book (make sure to turn on two-page mode and separate the cover page in your PDF reader if you want to see this laid out right).

Having worked out the details for our new layout template going forward, this should make further books easier and quicker to complete, the next of which being Saurids on the Grosvenor Express. We’ll be diving into that full steam, along with getting Fort Alice sent off to the printers, right after GenCon.

Speaking of which, GenCon is this week! No matter how much advanced notice we have, it always seems to sneak up on you. For this year though, I think I’m very well prepared. The demo adventure is printed and ready; I picked up a separate rolling case to carry around all my books and materials with me each day (we’re getting to have enough now that I needed something other than a back pack); I’ve got my vest that I talked about in a previous post, which is something I’ve been wanting to do for years; my car is cleaned out and ready; about the only thing left to do is actually pack everything up.

Given how the schedule has worked out this year, I’m going to be busy pretty much all day next Sunday, so I’ll plan to do a pre-scheduled post then and do a proper post-GenCon blog post the following week. Of course, if you want to see how things are going while the convention is in motion, you can always follow our social media accounts or check in on Discord to chat. Of course, if you’ll be at the convention, you can also stop on by to see us in person! When I’m not running demos or at our Morning with FASA event (which is 9am Saturday in room 212 of the Convention Center, by the way), I’ll most likely be at the booth, so please feel free to come on over to talk shop and/or get your books signed.

With all that out of the way, I need to get this posted so I can turn on the link for Fort Alice, and then spend some time with my clingy little pup while I’ve got a bit of time to breathe before I pack. Thank you once again to everyone who backed us on Kickstarter and everyone who picks up Fort Alice and any of our other books from our web store; without your support, none of this is possible. And for everyone who will be at GenCon, we will see you there!