Greetings and welcome back to the monthly line update and with special GenCon news!

It’s been a few (very busy) months since the last of these and my apologies for so quickly falling down on that. I will try to do better in the future.

GenCon is upon us and begins next week!

FASA Games will be present in the Studio 2 corridor of 1929 and 2029. We will have a limited number of Mountainshadow plushies for the show, the four Namegiver miniatures (available individually and as a set), and the coins (Vasgothian florin and Throalic Tav). This is in addition to the books and miniatures for all of our lines. Andi and Ross are likely to be found there most of the weekend, and I’m planning to be present there more often than not. Other members of the FASA family are around as well, typically running games. There are other places and times to catch as well!

We have an Earthdawn seminar on Friday at 16:00 in Hyatt, Studio 1. There’s also the “Morning with FASA” seminar where most of us emerge together on Saturday at 09:00 in ICC, room 212 (this should be upstairs). Don Higgins has two different art seminars. The first is “FASA Art” on Friday at 12:00 and the second is “FASA Webcomic” on Saturday at 14:00. Both are in Crowne Plaza, Haymarket A.

Come by and chat! Warning: Andi loves to chat.

The biggest product news is Vasgothia is nearly complete and we want the PDF out the door before GenCon. This in no way reflects on our inestimable Art Director, James Austin, but art arriving is a time-consuming process and all-too-often fraught with peril. Josh has been tirelessly working on the layout, ensuring it’s up-to-date, and once the final pieces are in, we can do the last adjustments to ensure we maximize the page count — which means there will be some extras not present in the pre-art draft provided to backers earlier.

As well, the next Legends of Barsaive product, Boondoggles, is complete and waiting on the finishing touches. Which are the final version of maps, followed by Josh working his magic with layout and the cover. The next adventure in the series, Growth Potential, has a second draft in review and will hopefully be complete and released in the next few months.

Here is a list of current projects in active development:

Arancia — This marks the first visit to this nation which was indicated only briefly in The Theran Empire sourcebook from First Edition. There is currently no estimated release date. Developer: Kyle Pritchard
Deeper Secrets — “The magic book” is in active development but going slower than hoped due to my other commitments. It contains new spells for all spellcasting Disciplines from Circles 1-15. These include revised spells from previous editions and all new spells. Hopefully you are following the partial spell lists (no high Circle spells revealed yet) being previewed this week and next in the run up to GenCon. It’s not just a book for spellcasters as there are also knacks for everyone. There is currently no estimated release date. However, there is an extensive preview in the FASA blog from March in addition to the spell lists. Developer: Morgan Weeks
Grand Bazaar — A detailed look at Throal’s Grand Bazaar as not just a place to buy things, but a location unto itself full of character and adventure. Just as Throal changed in the wake of the Second Theran War, so did the Grand Bazaar. This was successfully crowdfunded. Developer: Michael Allegro
Hinterland — A combination introductory adventure and sandbox location. It’s intended to slowly introduce a starting group to the elements and mechanics that make Earthdawn unique and take them through Fifth Circle. After that, there are characters, locations, and mysteries for the GM to use and are suitable for any group, not just those who played the adventure. There is currently no estimated release date. Developer: Morgan Weeks
Urupa — Finally, a visit to the city on the Aras Sea! Also the nearby Abyss of Aras Nehem. There is currently no estimated release date. Developer: Josh Harrison
Legends of Barsaive: Boondoggles — The tenth entry in the Legends of Barsaive (LoB) series. Developer: Kyle Pritchard
Legends of Barsaive: Growth Potential — The eleventh entry in the Legends of Barsaive (LoB) series. Developer: Karol Rybaltowski

If you have any questions about GenCon, these projects, or other Earthdawn topics, the best way to reach me is on the FASA Games Discord channel.

Thank you everyone!

Morgan “Panda” Weeks
Earthdawn Line Developer