GenCon starts for most of us at FASA tomorrow — however, it’s today if you’re Ross. The previews for Magic: Deeper Secrets continue, but are coming to an end soon. This penultimate post features an incomplete list of Wizard spells. As with all previews, these are subject to change. Some of these are returning spells and others are new. However, many of the returning spells are different from their previous incarnations in key ways — the same name doesn’t mean exactly the same effect.

First Circle

  • Perimeter Alarm
  • Seal
  • Triangulate
  • Volume Control
  • Wake-Up Call

Second Circle

  • Astral Flare
  • Clean
  • Entry Log
  • Makeshift Weapon
  • Sterilize

Third Circle

  • Fulcrum
  • Makeshift Missile
  • Mental Library
  • Shatter Lock
  • Silence Objects

Fourth Circle

  • Icy Protection
  • Inventory
  • Mystic Vines
  • Sanctuary
  • Stick Together

Fifth Circle

  • Astral Wall
  • Massive Missiles
  • Shield of Warping
  • Thorny Retreat
  • Ward of Warning

Sixth Circle

  • Behind Eye
  • Bouncing Blaster
  • Force Barrier
  • Multi-Missile
  • Sky Lattice

Seventh Circle

  • Astral Gift
  • Doom Missile
  • Move on Through
  • Silver Shadow
  • Star Shower

Eighth Circle

  • Dispelling Glyph
  • Echo Blow
  • Peacebond
  • Ricochet Attack
  • Wound Mask