Dear Greatest Fans in Fandom,

As always I want to thank all of you for being so amazing. Today I’d also like to give an example of why I am always so amazed at your awesomeness. Last year was rough for us, for many if  not all of you, for the world. Part of our frustration has come from shipping delays and recent books not being done at the printers. I got an email from a fan and Kickstarter backer. The email wasn’t angry. It wasn’t pissed about the delays and not having their books yet. It was the opposite. It was kind and understanding. The person even hoped things were going better for all of us.

I’m never sure how my words come across in written form. I’m not a writer. I’m definitely not a word-smith. I call you all the greatest fans in fandom, because I mean it. There is a kindness in our community that I don’t see in many other fandoms. It never ceases to amaze me. Your kindness, generosity, and humor. And it’s not just me, it’s not just the Earthdawn team, it’s everyone at FASA Games. 

When you give a compliment or say a kind word to us-about us, it truly has an effect that maybe I can’t express very well to you, but I want you to understand that it really does mean something to me and everyone at FASA.

As for the state of things…I’m at that point where I’m about to drive to a certain printer and see if I stand there and glare at them if we will get our books soon. On the plus side, my new-to-me car gets rather good mileage making the trip out there more cost effective and gentler on the environment.

For those of you getting the newsletter or watching our social media you already know about Freedonian Con. Just to catch everyone up- we’re doing a free online convention this February 19th-21st! In overview, we’re going to have a main event “room” and then several game tables throughout the weekend. Several FASA folks are running games and we’ve recently opened that to the community. If you are interested in running a game please contact me. If you know anything about audio/video editing and are willing to help (we are going to try to put some of this up for people who may have missed some), let me know! If you have other ideas for the con or ways to help, please contact me. This is our first attempt at this and we want to make it a fun event for everyone. It’s our way to say thank you as well as stay involved with the community.

Hope to hear from at Freedonian Con,