For those of you who backed our Iopos Kickstarter, please make sure you have taken care of any payments and that you have checked the address. Last chance to make sure your address is correct will be August 1st.

The Empty Thrones Kickstarter is doing great. There’s still time to get in on it! We’re very close to unlocking the $25K stretch goal for the digital map of Barsaive. I’m hoping we hit the $30K stretch goal for the Iopan map. In part, because I want to see James’s take on Iopos. Also in part, because I’m a sucker for maps. (Don’t worry, my need for maps isn’t quite as bad as my dice addiction.)

Early working version of the forthcoming “Personality Cards”

We’re all still working to bring you more fabulous books and products to expand Earthdawn! This year there will be more Legends of Barsaive and the graphic novel for Champion’s Challenge. We have several more projects in various stages.

I want to thank all of you for the love and support you have given us. It means the world to the team. I was looking at Twitter the other day and came across a thread about telling creators that you like their work. The gaming industry, for most of us, is a project of passion not money. Having your support financially allows us to make the books and we truly “hearts” you for it. Please know that just telling us that you liked a book, part of a book, a piece of art, really anything….makes our day. We couldn’t do this without you.

With many thanks,


One thought on “State of the Union — July 24, 2020”

  1. This is all really cool! Any idea when higher tier materials will become available? My excellent GM is currently houseruling adjustments to earlier edition higher tiers to keep us going, which is cool, but I am very much in favour of caring for my GM and would like his life made easier.

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