Michael here with another Earthdawn developer’s blog. I’m pleased to announce that we’re planning on having events available to those able to attend this year’s Origins Game Fair (Sep 30th-Oct 3rd). We won’t be at full force, but myself, Kyle, Don, and Karol are all planning to make an appearance. We always love meeting fans in person and hearing what you guys have to say, so I figured I’d let you all know what our plans are in hopes of filling up our tables.

I’m trying to ease back into convention play by running two sessions of a more open narrative adventure I’ve previously planned but never run. I’ve done this type of game before with a different system and am looking forward to applying the same format to an Earthdawn game. It’s a choose-your-own-adventure style game set in Blood Wood where player choices impact how the session unfolds. Convention players have a tendency to wander, so I’m hopeful I can distract a player or two with some nasty surprises tucked away behind an unassuming tree. If you end up making it to one of those sessions and remember to mention this blog post, I may even give the table an extra bonus to make navigation easier. Or it could be a trap. Hard to tell at this point what would be more fun.

I will also be running the second test of LoB-113, which for those of you keeping count is a little ways down our production pipeline. I was happy to get a test of this at our digital event, FreedoniaCon, back in February, but these things always benefit from a second or third playthrough before being written up as a module. Kyle and Karol, the other members of the Legends of Barsaive team, will also be in attendance, so I expect there to be a some other LoB adventures available as well. Kyle and I are running opposing schedules, so there is at least a solid eight hour block of Earthdawn available Thursday thru Saturday.

Don is doing his artist thing. A little different from playing in games, but still interesting for those that like a peak behind the curtain. I believe he has two Q&A panels pending approval for the convention. One is focused on being an art director for a gaming company and the other is about his experiences writing web comics. For those that haven’t read it yet, Champions Challenge is the Earthdawn web-comic following the adventures of the t’skrang B’zhet that Don writes and illustrates. The series is partway through its second volume and on track to continue through a third volume. New pages posted weekly!

I believe that’s all the events that will be available from the Earthdawn team and hope that some of you reading this are able to attend. As with every public event, there is still a possibility of cancellation due to public health concerns, so that consideration can make it difficult to plan around. In any case, this is the only convention I’m planning to run games at this year. Hopefully things will continue to improve and we’ll be able to gather together at various conventions next year. Until next time, thanks for reading!