Hello to the Best Fans ever!

Everyone at FASA hopes that all of you are safe and healthy. Please take care of yourselves and one another. We know we can’t do much, but it’s been brought to our attention that some who are sequestered could maybe use some company. Yay for technology! We can sort of do that and will be trying to for the next bit. We’ll try to be on discord voice channels and I’ll try to get times out as I can.

I have some great news! According to Ross, the printers sent part of the order yesterday and the rest should be shipping today! (Finally)

I know shipping takes time and with the current national situation it might still take longer than it should (it does take some time to ship, unbox, sort, package for all of you, and reship to everyone. Sadly, it’s even longer for international orders, but I’m so happy that they’re printed and the shipping is started!!!

There was a message on the kickstarter updates that got me thinking, maybe I should clarify the book covers. Mystic Paths has 3 editions:

  • Softcover with beautiful art from Sarayu
  • Blue/Silver hardback to match the original Kickstarter special editions
  • Black Oasis Faux Leather/Silver with sewn in bookmark Deluxe hardcover
Back Cover of the “Black” Edition
Interior of the “Black” Edition, with ribbon

I have been so excited to see the new deluxe editions! If you don’t know the behind the scenes story about them, find a KS backer and ask 😉 If you ask me, be aware- I curse. A lot sometimes.

On that topic, I want to thank the KS backers again for everything. Your support makes these books happen. You drive us to keep going. It means a lot to us. It’s like telling us that we’re doing a good job. Also, we like when you tell us we are doing a good job. I mean we’re good with constructive criticism, but nothing is better than one of you telling us that you liked a book, books, part of a book. . . Seriously, if you ever get a chance in person, on discord, facebook, anywhere- please tell the team that you liked their effort. It means so much to them. When you tell me, I make sure I tell them at the next team meeting. It goes on a sticky note on one of my monitors so the squirrels don’t forget (squirrels obviously being a nod at my last KS update 😀 ).

As things are wrapping up (again- finally) with Mystic Paths, I guess it’s time to start talking about the next book.


Where are we at with it? There are only 2 chapters that are not in initial layout. Those two chapters are in editing. They should be back tonight or Saturday. Any issues should be resolved this coming week and then off to layout. After initial layout comes back we’ll start the KS.

Things I’d like to share with you; Our Josh Harrison is not only doing his regular jobs, he’s doing the layout on Iopos.

We already have the cover art. It’s gorgeous. We brought back Sarayu who did the Mystic Paths cover.

Another name you might recognize-Allen Farr, lead writer for Travar, is the lead writer on Iopos. Most of the team has had a hand in this book’s writing, let’s just call it important to what’s going on in Earthdawn (you should see if Kyle will tell you some secrets).

Morgan has been keeping all of us on the straight and narrow. I’m not sure if you all know how important Morgan is to Earthdawn, I’m not sure what we’d do without him.

And as a proud parental unit: Nikohl Watson-Lowe did the bulk of the editing, you might have seen her name as an editor over the last year or so.

More to come- Thanks to all of you! You guys are awesome!!!