Hi all, Michael back with our developers’ blog. 2020 was quite the year. It forced many of us to work from home, those who could not adapt to procedures, and everyone to become accustomed to a socially distanced world. In the face of these unprecedented challenges, our community of fans was there to support us. Thanks to likely everyone who is reading this, we were able to launch four major products for the Earthdawn line last year through three separate Kickstarter campaigns. I want to take this last opportunity of 2020/first of 2021 to extend both mine and everyone else on the Earthdawn team’s heartfelt gratitude for helping continue to release new content for our game.

I had little to do with the writing for Iopos, Empty Thrones, and Champions Challenge. My main involvement with these projects was building the Kickstarter pages and sending out the post-campaign surveys. I remember being involved in the pitch meetings for Empty Thrones and participated in a few content discussions for the others, but any praise or adoration for those products belong to the credited writers and project leads. Crafting a cohesive and interesting product requires a lot more effort than I had thought as a fan looking inward, so let us know via our various social media platforms if you particularly enjoyed one of our recent releases (some are yet to be available in physical versions, but the PDFs are out there). We do pay attention to posts sent our way and always enjoy hearing feedback from the community.

My major releases for 2020 include LoB-107 and LoB-108, both as standalone products and as part of the Haven Vol. 1 compendium. These were a bit more complicated in story and execution compared to the two other Legends of Barsaive adventures I’ve written to date. I’ll admit they may have swelled from their original “four-hour convention game” scope, but I stand behind the final versions as incorporating most of what players are likely to try when playing through these modules. LoB-107, for example, includes many different paths through Kaer Eidolon, all of which occurred at my tables when demoing the adventure at conventions. Stuff like that, going left when the module is written to go right, makes me miss interacting with our fanbase the most and has me looking forward to the next opportunity to safely gather in person (whenever that may be).

Though virtual conventions will likely still be a major platform for gaming in 2021, our hope is to continue forging ahead with new content this year as well. There are a number of things coming down our pipeline, some announced and some that aren’t, so hopefully we can continue to count on your patience and support for the continuation of Earthdawn. We can’t wait to share the stories we plan on telling in the future and we’re glad that such amazing people have chosen to come along on this journey with us. Until next time, thanks for reading.