Hello best fans out there!

I thought I’d take some time and explain how the team works. 

Almost two years ago, we decided to retire the position of “Line Developer” and go to a development team. The current team is composed of James, Michael, Josh, Kyle, Karol, and Morgan. While one person may take the lead on a book or project, the rest of the team pitches in on reviewing, writing, system, editing, and lots of other aspects. In some cases, a team member is paired off with a freelancer. This ensures the team is updated on the project and the freelancer can access the entire team if needed. 

For example, Kyle is the lead on Empty Thrones. The entire team helped banter ideas for the story arc. Kyle not only wrote a majority of the book, he also worked with both team and freelance writers. 

This is mirrored with James as art director. James not only did a lot of wonderful pieces, he also went through the book and worked with all the freelance artists. There were several meetings about how the team thought things looked so James could sort that into usable information for the freelance artists. 

Even kickstarters involve multiple team members working on setting it up, answering questions, and writing updates.

There are a lot of moving parts to getting a book out. Having everyone’s eyes on a project is a great strength. I couldn’t be prouder of what the team accomplished. Everyone of them brings their individual talent and skills to create one of the best groups I’ve had the privilege of working with. 

My thanks to them.

My thanks to you for supporting us through this journey.