Hello everyone! Kyle back with you again. With the pre-art proof of Elven Nations in the hands of our wonderful Kickstarter backers, I thought it would be entertaining to look at a piece of cut content that didn’t make it through to the final draft.


Very few Namegivers choose to live within the boundary of the Wastes. The small kingdom of Aiqua was founded after the Scourge along the coast to treat those courageous (or foolish) enough to venture deeper. But there is another older and more isolated settlement: the survivors of Kaer Ellisar.

These Namegivers followed in the footsteps of most in the Roheline Wood and used the Rites of Protection and Passage. For some reason, Ellisar’s magical defenses remained intact while all others in the area failed. The residents of the kaer believe they were protected by a mighty Passion unknown before the Scourge. This Passion, Thalor, saw the plight of the Wastes during the Scourge and used what power he had to shield Ellisar from harm. The group now worships Thalor as their savior and wishes nothing more than to spread his grace to all Namegivers they meet.

Thalor’s followers refer to themselves as the Järglased and operate under some form of caste system. The hierarchy is primarily determined by a person’s years of service to Thalor, but a number of secondary factors exists to differentiate people of the same class. Members of the lowest caste are called “Heralds.” These Heralds prove their dedication to Thalor by farming, cooking, cleaning, and performing menial tasks that are essential to Ellisar’s continued prosperity. “Protectors” are selected from the ranks of Heralds to learn either a skilled trade or join the kaer’s standing militia. A rare few from these Protectors become “Disciples” and are charged with educating those below them. Only after decades of devout service can one attain the highest rank within the order, “Emerit.” The Emerit see to spiritual duties and Thalor speaks directly through these few individuals.

Members of the Järglased welcome strangers into their village. They are happy to share stories of Thalor with any who will listen, apparently unconcerned with the possibility of allowing a marked Namegiver in their midst. Visitors are always escorted upon their arrival, thus ensuring that outsiders do not wander into sacred sites. The most notable of these sites is the remains of Kaer Ellisar which has been converted to the “Shrine of Gold.” Only Emerit members are allowed in the shrine.

While many find this friendly cult unnerving, they seem to be a trustworthy port of harbor in a sea of ash and death. Many wonder what they hide in the Shrine of Gold, though few are convinced the people of Ellisar live in service to a Passion.