Good Monday Morning,

Okay, so it’s not really morning anymore. Forgive me for my late start today.

I’ve been working on web site stuff today and I’m happy to day the Dwarf Heroes and Commanders list is finally viewable HERE. This list is something that was an oversight when it was left out of the original print. It is now 100% FREE to view. Copy/Paste/Print to your heart’s content. You can also navigate there from the home page via the drop down Games menu. I’m working on getting the list available as a free PDF as well. I’ll keep you posted on that.

The Thain Heroes and Commanders are also all ready to go behind the curtain. As soon as I can get the elves on it (okay, it’s Andrew), we’ll post on social media that they’re ready.

In Isthak news, I’m super pleased with the photos I’m seeing from the minis painters I’m working with. Once their work is done, I’ll be posting some select photos. These will also be immensely helpful in marketing our Isthak Kickstarter that will be running hopefully sometime in December. Once preliminary layout is done, I’ll have a better idea of when that will launch.

Until then, keep enjoying Demonworld and remember that we always welcome questions, comments, and feedback here and on our Discord channel.