To the best and most patient fans in the world,

I want to take a little of your time and introduce myself.  My name is
Andi and I recently joined FASA in early 2017. When I joined, I spent some
time in different positions and I learned a lot from some wonderful
people. Then in late 2017 I took the position of Project Manager for the
company. In the case of Earthdawn, I realized that we needed to get things
reorganised and focused, since progress has been slower than anyone

Let’s just be honest, we at FASA owe you an apology.  We are sincerely
sorry that the fulfillment has been continually delayed. We have been
restructuring and realigning our talent to not only correct this but to
prevent this delay in the future.

We are happy to announce that Tiffany Ragland, who has loved Earthdawn
from 1E and been with the company since 2013 as Chief of Editorial and all
around helper, is stepping up to lead new Earthdawn projects.  Her first
major project is the 4E Elven Nations book.

~~~*****And now the announcement you have all been waiting to hear- The
Earthdawn Fourth Edition Companion is in layout as of this note.*****~~~

As a team, we are going to do a better job of making sure we get books out
to you in a timely fashion, that our release dates are firm, and that we
are accessible to all of you.

I want to thank each and everyone of you who has supported Earthdawn
throughout the years.  No game is possible without fans, players, and
gamemasters. Thank you all so very much for being the reason we are here.
We have not, nor will we ever forget that you are why we get to do what we
love.  You truly are the best Namegivers ever!

If you ever have a questions or ideas, please feel free to contact us on
Facebook, Twitter, Discord, or even our forums.  We would love to hear
from you!

Andi Watson
Josh Harrison
Tiffany Ragland