1879: Evan the Fiddler

Here’s the fourth character written for the 1879 Quickstart that didn’t make the cut when we decided on the final seven. This is a simplified version of the character mechanic; we’re putting Evan up more for his backstory than his stats, which you can flesh out as needed.

Evan “the Coin” Jones, Human Fiddler

There were those who thought Evan the Voice would be an actor. He could imitate pretty much anyone in Aberystwyth, from Jones the Roll with his hoarse cough from years of breathing flour, to Ciardan the Penny at the tax office whose Dublin lilt grew stronger with each pint, and even dour old Jacob Foster at the school who’d lived in the Cymry for thirty years and still sounded like he’d just stepped off the train from Sheffield. But then there was Evan the Coin, who hardly ever had to stand a round down the boozer, so good was he at penny bets and remembering just the right thing at the right time to get someone else to consider it was their turn.

Eventually, like all such, he ran out of people he could pull the wool over, and was on the train to London the day Owen the Bruise swore he’d crack Evan’s skull the next time he saw the little bugger. Once in the great metropolis, Evan studied the people, so many people, so many voices, so many roles, and slipped into a few to try them out, as you do. One got him his rent, and another a fine suit, but the third got him a month in The Steel.

That introduced him to a whole new set of friends, and a new line of work. Evan was a quick study; he learned the business of the Square Mile well enough to pass for a records clark inside of two weeks. By the end of the year, he was opening the back door for the Eagle Street Gang, when they took Gunderson Imports for eighty thousand pounds in cash, goods, and negotiables. Where is he now? You may have met him this morning. He’s got one of those faces that just blends in, don’t you know.

Evan Jones, Human Fiddler

Dexterity (DEX) 13 6 / d10 Physical Defense 8
Strength (STR) 11 5 / d8 Mystic Defense 9
Toughness (TOU) 12 5 / d8 Social Defense 9
Perception (PER) 16 7 / d12
Willpower (WIL) 13 6 / d10 Physical Armor 5
Charisma (CHA) 16 7 / d12 Mystic Armor 2
Initiative 6 d10 Unconsciousness 39
Movement 12 yards Death Rating 47
Karma D8 18 pts Wound Threshold 8
current Recovery / Day 2


Skill Name Attribute Rank Step Action Dice
Avoid Blow DEX 2 8 2d6
Awareness PER 3 10 2d8
Disguise PER 3 10 2d8
Eidetic Memory Wil 2 8 2d6
Evaluate PER 2 9 d8+d6
Firearms DEX 2 8 2d6
First Impression CHA 4 11 d10+d8
Forgery DEX 3 9 d8+d6
Knowledge (Business) PER 2 9 d8+d6
Lasting Impression CHA 2 9 d8+d6
Lock Picking DEX 3 9 d8+d6
Streetwise CHA 3 10 2d8
Unarmed Combat DEX 1 7 D12


  • Light Pistol, Damage 5, Capacity 1, Rate of Fire 1 per 2 rounds, Short 5, Long 30, Staging +2
  • Ammunition, 20 rounds
  • Silk Ballistic Vest
  • Proper Suit
  • City Boots
  • Forger’s Tools


  • Evan speaks and reads French and Welsh as well as English.
  • Current Cash: 9 pounds, 9 shillings