Good Monday Morning.

I just wanted to make a short post this morning to let you know that the Elf Army Book is finished printing and will be available for purchase at Gen Con 50 this coming weekend. I consider this a big success as my first project as Demonworld’s line developer and am thankful for all the support staff that helped me along the way. Our Fasa family includes some of the most creative, imaginative, and motivated people I’ve had the pleasure to get to know. I am looking forward to to undertaking the next project with them backing me up.

So, if you’re headed to Gen Con this year, you are encouraged to stop by the Fasa Games Inc. table in the vendor hall and flip through the Elf book, as well as take a look at all the other awesome material Earthdawn and 1879 have churned out this year. Soon following the convention, our intrepid Kickstarter backers will be sent their books and miniatures, so if you’re expecting a shipment, be on the lookout for your notification in the next few weeks.

Thanks again. Talk to you in August.