1879: Minis Kickstarter Final Push!

Our Kickstarter for the British and Samsut Army books and accompanying new minis (18mm, already in metal, from Ral Partha Europe), closes on the 8th! You’ve only got a couple of days to back this and get early access! Let’s have a quick look at what’s involved shall we?

First up is the British Army book. It introduces the Order of Britannia Victorious, magic-wielding officers who can toss a fireball into those Samsut skeletons. There’s also rules for the breaching assault carrier, and the heavily armed and armored shock troopers it delivers into the midst of the enemy. A variety of other new units, including Pioneers and Marines, are introduced.

The Samsut, not to be outdone, introduce a variety of Ardite, Mushkenite, and Amelite living troops. We’ve already seen some of their cavalry in previous posts, including the railgunner on the six-legged war pig. There’s another combination with that mount that acts as a troop carrier, with a cavalry soldier on the forward saddle and an infantry trooper on the aft saddle. One quick maneuver, and suddenly you’ve got an infantry unit where the cavalry unit passed by.

We’ll also be rolling out the sedan chair undead controller, which puts that oh so vulnerable person commanding the zombies and skeletons in an armored carrier with a pair of skeletons trucking them round the battlefield. Did we mention pteranodons? The Samsut get sky chariots drawn by monsters out of British nightmares. Bad enough they can drop grenades on your forces from above, but if they get close, well, those beasts pulling the chariot are carnivorous.

One more quick look at a new mini, and we’ll wrap this up. We’ve got a Kickstarter to land, and books to complete the art for, after all. Here’s a shot of the Samsut Mushkenite heavy cavalry, barding, railguns, and all.

Want to send these up against those invasive Brits? Here’s the Kickstarter.

Tally Ho!