Our Kickstarter campaign for Maps of London and the Saurids Sourcebook has successfully closed out at a grand total of $14,891, and a total of 152 backers!

At my house, it’s less of a champagne bottle spraying and more Sunny getting extra treats, but you get the idea.

This has been our biggest campaign yet in terms of both funding and backers, and both were nearly double that of our last campaign. Being the math nerd that I am, I’ll be taking a deeper look at the comparison from our past numbers and may end up doing a post about it if I draw any interesting conclusions. In any event, it’s a sure sign of growth for the game, which is what we need for it to survive and thrive. For any of the newcomers who have made their way onto my developer posts, welcome! I try to release these regularly (though sometimes may skip for a bit if I’m getting snowed under with product work), and this is my chance to talk about things that come up in the development of the game, cover things that wouldn’t fit into the books, fill in some of the more obscure details on research and thought process that goes into the game, answer questions I may see come up that need more detailed explanations, and give some tips on ways to help you flesh out your 1879 game world. Basically, it’s your sneak peek inside my head when it comes to the line.

Some days the flip is too much for me to handle.

A post went out on the Kickstarter for the conclusion of the campaign, but just to quickly cover the high points for those that don’t read their email; the backer reports should be coming out this week. Please make sure to get those filled out and turned in as soon as you can, as that will help us get the quickest turn around possible on getting your products out to you. The work for these is all done, so digital copies should go out pretty much immediately after the paperwork processes, and physical products will just need to content with shipping. From the information I’ve been given, I’m expecting a smooth and fast turn around on this one.

I know the posts the last couple of weeks have basically just been updates on the campaign – apologies for that, but when the campaign is running, it kind of consumes everything. It’s done now, and closed successfully, so I should be able to get back to more varied content going forward.

Thank you as always to everyone for their continued support, as well as to all our newcomers to the game line. I hope you all enjoy your time playing. If you haven’t, be sure to join our Discord, as that’s the easiest way to communicate with us and get questions to me for the blog. I’ve recently added some new channels as well, and we’ve had some discussions going about our ongoing actual play, so be sure to check those out.