It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, so to give a brief overview for the uninitiated: these are a collection of basic plot hooks that you can drop into any 1879 campaign and fill in the gaps to create an adventure. This is an ongoing series that I do every so often, and if you missed the last one you can check it out here.

31. Two rival scientists are competing for an academic prize that is due for presentation by month’s end, and are each looking for ways to discredit the other. The Gentleman’s Code must be upheld, at least on the surface. Both come from wealthy and influential families, and could make a powerful ally – or enemy.

32. A mage comes running down the street shouting for the fire brigade, followed shortly after by a fire elemental that has gotten out of control. Fast action is required to save lives and property. There’s also sure to be an investigation afterward.

33. The Scottish made the unicorn their national animal in the 15th century, and ever since there have been occasional reports of one being spotted, though never anything that has been substantiated. The reports have increased after the opening of the Rabbit Hole, and now one Promethean believes she has narrowed down the pattern. She intends to try and capture one for study and possible experimentation – whether the players try to help or stop her is up to them.

34. A Heron makes a public display showing off a new device that defies gravity, making any object it’s directly attached to weightless. It works, but a little too well; he’s demonstrated on an enormous boulder that must weigh several tons, and the boulder has been caught by the wind and is now rising and floating off unchecked and out of reach. It’s safe enough for the moment, but eventually the device will run out of power, and the Heron would very much like to have it back – before the boulder falls on someone.

35. After several weeks of travel, one of the party realizes that they keep seeing the exact same building in every town they travel to. It’s a simple little gazebo, not particularly ornate, slightly weathered and shows the exact same wear markings. Anyone in the town asked about it will simply say they never really noticed it before, but the space for it has been there for a long time. If the group investigates the gazebo, they will find a trap door in the floor with a ladder leading down, though they can’t see where it leads.

36. While at a hospital, the group catches wind of a special case in the Boojum ward. A woman has been brought in who transformed into an elf, though not a usual one – erupting from her skin in various places are thorns, like enlarged versions of the ones you’d find on a rose. The wounds keep bleeding and she’s in extraordinary pain, but somehow she’s remained alive. The woman speaks only Russian and so far they haven’t found anyone who knows more than a few words to find out anything about her.

37. A pair of draft horses slowly pull a wagon into town. The wagon is severely damaged, and the occupants are missing. Aside from exhaustion, the horses appear unharmed, though somehow they still maintain enough energy to be extremely defensive and terrified, and will not allow anyone to get within ten feet of them or the wagon.

38. While the party is sitting down to eat, a stray dog approaches, keeping a cautious distance but looking very hungry. It remains guarded but will allow people to approach if they’re not showing any signs of aggression. If the party is kind and shares some food with the dog, after it has eaten it will say, “Thank you, very much obliged.” before running off with unnatural speed.

39. Out in the wilderness, the group encounters a grizzled, elderly man of Scandinavian origin, camping alone with modest supplies apart from an ancient looking battle axe. He is friendly and is willing to share food and stories with the group. Eventually, he will ask the member of the group who is physically strongest to face and kill him in a duel, explaining that according to the beliefs of his people, if slain in honorable combat they will be reborn. If so killed, over the course of about five minutes after he dies, his wounds will heal and his body will de-age, and he will awaken as a young man, with no memory of how he got there or who the party is.

40. The party is hired to steal a train shipping specialty Analytical Engine parts. This is not a get-in-get-out job; the party must steal the entire train of cars. Once on the train, they see why; the parts are massive, as if building an Engine for use by something like a giant – or a dragon.