The Emperor Wars are over, the Known Worlds are united under the banner of the Phoenix, now is the time to forge a new destiny for your House! In Noble Armada, you take the role of a noble commanding a fleet. Whether seeking fame and glory, or defending your House against its rivals your commander determines the course of action. 

We at FASA Games are excited to get this new version of Noble Armada into the hands of players. The writing is done and we are adding in artwork and illustrations as fast as we can! To speed up this effort to make the best game possible, we will be doing an early release of the PDF in beta form. Allowing fans of Fading Suns and Noble Armada to get an early look at the game. 

The Beta PDF of Noble Armada will be available December 1st at a discounted rate on the FASA Games, Inc. online shop at Purchasers of the PDF will get a discount towards the purchase of the physical copy of the book that we expect to have available early in 2017. 

Come on over to our new forums for more information at the Noble Armada Forums. Look for more news in the coming weeks!