I feel like 2020 is special. It feels like a special number- 2020. However, I still don’t have a flying car or a teleporter… no ape chauffeurs either (although to be fair, that would likely have ended poorly anyways). Why am I so focused on transportation? Because I’d love to travel more to meet all of you. The entire team would! If they did, we’d be even more behind, so there’ll be none of that. 🙂

However, we do have the vast and almost magical internet. And a Discord channel.

2020 is special. It’s FASA’s 40th anniversary! While we can’t visit all of you, we do want to include you as much as possible. One idea is to have some special events on Discord. Would you be interested? What would you like to talk about? Open Q&A? Specific topics? Maybe have some of the Earthdawn team run games?

What else is going on with the fabulous Earthdawn team you ask?

Lots! We’re still waiting on printing for physical copies of The Adept’s Journey: Mystic Paths. The Team is still moving forward with their individual projects, as well as joint projects, and we have a few freelance writers working on things as well. Best news so far is that Iopos is getting closer. There’s some writing finishing touches going on. After that there’s editing and then layout. The cover has had some…let’s call it creative adjustments. On the brightside, we’re bringing back the artist who did the Mystic Paths cover.

As always I would appreciate any feedback from you!

Sincerely, Andi