Hi everyone!

Sorry this one is slightly late.  I’ve been helping with my local Friends of the Library sale.  It’s been crazy good. We started with eight semi trucks of books.  At the sale I ran into an Earthdawn novel Poisoned Memories.  Which got me to thinking…

This year we’ve celebrated 25 years of Earthdawn.

That’s a lot of people, books, and lore in twenty five years.  A lot of amazing people have worked on the line. And currently we have an amazing team.

You all know Josh.  Recently you have seen blogs from Michael and Kyle.  Here shortly you will get blogs from Karol and Tiffany, but that’s not everyone.  Behind the scenes is Morgan who is the keeper of the game mechanics, Jeff our very overworked art director, Ian who is the best layout guy a company can ask for, and many other writers, artists and editors.

And then there is all of you.  You, the fans, give us a reason to work. You also give us feedback and direction.  We love hearing from you. You can email us, Facebook follow and/or message, hang out on our Discord, follow or message on Twitter, even find us on MeWe.

Thank you for being there for us and please keep letting us know what you want in the future!

For some state of the realm news: We’re drawing ever closer on Elven Nations.  New projects are moving along such as Iopos, Arancia, Rugaria, and the ever awaited Paths book from Morgan.  There’s more, but we have to have some secrets. 😉

May your dice always roll well and the Passions be in your side!

Andi Watson

Project Manager