Those of you active on the Discord (Invite Link: or keeping up with Champions Challenge(link: may have heard some startling news about Uhl Denairastas, the First Minister of Iopos.

While I can assure you that this is no “hoax” or “imaginary story,” I am sworn to secrecy regarding the circumstances and reasons behind his fate.

While it is unfortunate that I cannot share the details with you here, I am able to point you to the new Kickstarter that we are all very excited about: Empty Thrones (Preview Link: This product follows in the footsteps of supplements like First Edition’s Prelude to War.

For those who do not recall the details of books released in the hazy decade known as “the 90’s,” let me explain. Empty Thrones, like Prelude to War before it, is a supplement that explores events occurring in the world of Earthdawn. These books are designed to involve your local table in world changing events and get them rubbing elbows with power players across Barsaive. By the end of the book, Earthdawn’s timeline is advanced and the status quo is shifted, allowing for new adventures as societies vie to accomplish their goals.

Prelude to War (spoilers for the 24-year-old book ahead) saw the arrival of the Theran behemoth Triumph, the founding of the nation of Cara Fahd, the assassination of King Varulus III, and the ongoing story of the mysterious human Aardelea. All of this set the stage for the Second Theran War, the timeline of which is discussed at length in the 4th Edition’s Gamemaster’s Guide.

While I cannot divulge all of the exciting events scheduled to take place in Empty Thrones, I can say that Uhl’s fate is only the beginning and four further arcs involve exploring its ramifications across the province. On top of that, this supplement will explore four population centers, providing details to aid any gamemaster who wishes to base a campaign out of: Iopos’s North Ward, Daiche, Freewater on the border of Cara Fahd, or the city of Jerris. Dozens of adventure frameworks and hooks throughout the text give characters an opportunity to get involved in the action, as well as the freedom to make choices that will determine the fate of their Barsaive.

We hope that you are all as excited as we are, and we are very eager to discuss what the year 1518 holds for the Fourth World.

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About the Blogger:

Kyle Pritchard is a second-generation tabletop gamer who has been slinging dice since before he was crawling. He’s been working with FASA Games since 2014 and has been a member of Earthdawn Team since 2018.