Greetings and welcome back to the monthly line update!

Since this is a new series, I’m still finding my feet with the best way to present everything for me and you. The general structure I think these will take is a text discussion of updates with more details, but focusing on actual updates, followed by a bullet list of where everything is at.

The first item of note is the planned Kickstarter launch for Grand Bazaar in late March (next week) is being pushed back into April. The most basic reason for this is to ensure the preview PDF of Vasgothia is in backers’ hands before we launch a new Earthdawn project.

That being said, we do have things for the Grand Bazaar project I’m very excited about and hope all of you are as well when they’re revealed. Given the nature of the book, these are a bit further afield than some of our previous offerings. If they’re popular and successful, we’ll definitely be doing more things of that nature in the future.

Going back to Vasgothia, I sent out an update recently to backers where the text was at. The bad news is it’s not done. However, the good news is my design for Avowed is essentially complete. It just needs the final details of yellow Xs filled in with costs and gating. I’m quite happy with the final result and it’s a new approach on resource management and ability structure. My hope is you find it as interesting to read and play as I did to write. The text for Avowed still isn’t complete, but it’s very close. After that, a trip through editing and layout, then onto backers for more editing.

For those of you paying attention to such things, Sterling, my puppy, is healing very well from his knee surgery. Nightly physical therapy on the joint and muscles are going well and he doesn’t mind. He wants to play with his sister, Mint, and his spirit is strong, but the flesh is still weak and he starts limping after not too long. There’s still quite a road of recovery ahead before he’s fully healed.

With all that, here’s a list of the current projects in active development:

  • Arancia — This marks the first visit to this nation which was indicated only briefly in The Theran Empire sourcebook from First Edition. There is currently no estimated release date. Developer: Kyle Pritchard
  • Deeper Secrets — “The magic book” is in active development but going slower than hoped due to all my other commitments. It contains new spells for all spellcasting Disciplines from Circles 1-15. These include revised spells from previous editions and all new spells. It’s not just a book for spellcasters as there are also knacks for everyone. There is currently no estimated release date. However, there is an extensive preview in the FASA blog from March. Developer: Morgan Weeks
  • Grand Bazaar — A detailed look at Throal’s Grand Bazaar as not just a place to buy things, but a location unto itself full of character and adventure. Just as Throal changed in the wake of the Second Theran War, so did the Grand Bazaar. This is currently scheduled to launch on Kickstarter in April. Developer: Michael Allegro
  • Hinterland — A combination introductory adventure and sandbox location. It’s intended to slowly introduce a starting group to the elements and mechanics that make Earthdawn unique and take them through Fifth Circle. After that, there are characters, locations, and mysteries for the GM to use and are suitable for any group, not just those who played the adventure. There is currently no estimated release date. Developer: Morgan Weeks
  • Urupa — Finally, a visit to the city on the Aras Sea! Also the nearby Abyss of Aras Nehem. There is currently no estimated release date. Developer: Josh Harrison
  • Legends of Barsaive: Boondoggles — The tenth entry in the Legends of Barsaive (LoB) series. DeveloperL Kyle Pritchard

If you have any questions about these or other Earthdawn topics, the best way to reach me is on the company Discord.

Thank you everyone!

Morgan “Panda” Weeks
Earthdawn Line Developer