Greetings and welcome back to the monthly line update!

First, an update on Vasgothia. As I shared with backers previously, the elusive chapter six is complete — this is the player facing game information chapter. Kyle and I finished writing the text for Avowed, the new Path found in the book which is structured like Tail Dancer. This means it’s a lot like three Paths in one in terms of depth and complexity, which goes a long way to explain why getting it right was a complicated endeavor. The design also includes something completely new, which I sincerely hope will be fun to play with. Though, not necessarily for everyone.

That final chapter got back from our editor, the alacritous Debbie Seale, in an astonishing turnaround given the size. It’s a big chapter. Much bigger than initially planned as I found lots of extra things to add to make Vasgothia feel more like its own place from character creation to different equipment.

With that, it moves to Josh — who already did a preliminary layout to give me an idea of how big the book is without art — to incorporate Debbie’s edits and polish the layout to provide the pre-art layout version to backers very soon. I already shared the preliminary layout with our inestimable art director, James Austin — a man who there are not enough nice things to say about him and how talented he is, seriously. The completed book is getting so close, but it’s not here yet. But so close.

This is a big of a look into how things work. There’s clearly a lot more going on in each step, but broad strokes are the goal rather than really getting into how the sausage is made.

Arguably the biggest news to discuss here is the Grand Bazaar crowdfunding launch. We (or I) missed shooting for April. It’s important we get the pre-art layout version of Vasgothia to backers before we launch another project, ensuring there’s no doubt we’re going to deliver on our promises. Though not always when we wanted.

The initial proposal was accepted by Kickstarter and I get to spend my Sunday putting together the first draft for the final approval. This means we’re currently locked in for launch on Monday, 16MAY2022.

As I indicated previously, the Grand Bazaar has considerably more things on offer than just the book compared to our previous projects. As befitting it. Some of these are returning favorites, such as a Throalic Tav, while others are brand new and might be getting teased on Twitter. In fact, it may have already started. Mystery!

Honestly, this is very exciting for me for numerous reasons. Not the least of which is our ability to explore new things to offer if this goes well. Other than shirts. Which are already available at Spreadshirt. So no need. But serously, never shirts.

Hopefully you’re as enthusiastic about this as I am, though I’ll settle for intrigued.

Sterling is pretty much all healed from his knee survery and now so very busy. Much to his sister’s chagrin. He’s bouncing around and taking longer walkies each week. While Mint ever more often retreats to higher ground to assess the developing situation on the ground. Which often involves stalking and taking him down like a gazelle.

This brings us to the list of current projects in active development:

  • Arancia — This marks the first visit to this nation which was indicated only briefly in The Theran Empire sourcebook from First Edition. There is currently no estimated release date. Developer: Kyle Pritchard
  • Deeper Secrets — “The magic book” is in active development but going slower than hoped due to all my other commitments. It contains new spells for all spellcasting Disciplines from Circles 1-15. These include revised spells from previous editions and all new spells. It’s not just a book for spellcasters as there are also knacks for everyone. There is currently no estimated release date. However, there is an extensive preview in the FASA blog from March. Developer: Morgan Weeks
  • Grand Bazaar — A detailed look at Throal’s Grand Bazaar as not just a place to buy things, but a location unto itself full of character and adventure. Just as Throal changed in the wake of the Second Theran War, so did the Grand Bazaar. This will launch on Kickstarter on Monday, 16MAY2022. Developer: Michael Allegro
  • Hinterland — A combination introductory adventure and sandbox location. It’s intended to slowly introduce a starting group to the elements and mechanics that make Earthdawn unique and take them through Fifth Circle. After that, there are characters, locations, and mysteries for the GM to use and are suitable for any group, not just those who played the adventure. There is currently no estimated release date. Developer: Morgan Weeks
  • Urupa — Finally, a visit to the city on the Aras Sea! Also the nearby Abyss of Aras Nehem. There is currently no estimated release date. Developer: Josh Harrison
  • Legends of Barsaive: Boondoggles — The tenth entry in the Legends of Barsaive (LoB) series. Developer: Kyle Pritchard

If you have any questions about these projects or other Earthdawn topics, the best way to reach me is on the company Discord.

Thank you everyone!

Morgan “Panda” Weeks
Earthdawn Line Developer