Welcome to the first preview of our next project hitting Kickstarter, The Grand Bazaar: Throal’s Crown Jewel!

Rather than getting into what the book holds in store (see, that’s a pun — we bring the top shelf humor at FASA), I want to share some of the new products we’re including in this Kickstarter I’ve been teasing.

Rather than talking about them, I figure a few pictures will do a much better job of informing you what we’ve been working on.

I hope you like Earthdawn currency, because I do. Which means we’ll be seeing it pretty frequently. Until it stops selling well. This was designed by Don Higgins.
Don’t let Mountainshadow’s grumpy face fool you, what he wants most is to hoard your love. This was designed by James Austin.
Did anyone ask for four brand new Namegiver miniatures? I certainly hope so. These were sculpted by Davi Cáo.
Verjigorm wants to be your friend and know where you’re keeping your great dragon friends these days for non-specific reasons.
To show just how big Verjigorm is. This was designed and sculpted by Zachary Liverseed and Emmanuel Rodriguez.

Hopefully you’re as excited about these as I am.

Thank you everyone for all of your support!

Morgan “Panda” Weeks
Earthdawn Line Developer