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The Grand Bazaar: Throal’s Crown Jewel

At least, that’s what the official story is.

It was once the symbol of Throal’s booming economy and their preeminence in the province. However, the events of the Second Theran War didn’t go well for the kingdom and they retreated within their mountains leaving a vacuum within the province.

Over the ten years since then, the Grand Bazaar began to fall into a state of disrepair. Which is unconscionable for the first thing visitors see when they pass beyond the gates. The costs seemed beyond the strained treasury and King Kovar was still establishing a power base and didn’t have the clout to make sweeping change without substantial support from the Throalic houses.

Enter Kreatek Neumani with a plan to save the Grand Bazaar: By selling it off to merchants from across Barsaive, subsidizing its revitalization.

This plan didn’t go over well with everyone — and still doesn’t — but there were no better which had a chance of succeeding. Despite the unpopular nature of the plan, it won the day because even a bad plan is better than no plan at all in Throal.

To celebrate his vision and revitalization of the Grand Bazaar, Kreatek comissioned a scribe, Ciradyl Ivanlur, to record all the happenings within his office and the Grand Bazaar as a testament to his magnificence.

Though not everything put down reflected the story Kreatek envisioned and certainly wasn’t the legacy he intended. These creative differences spelled the end for their relationship and the copious notes would have been lost to time, barely even a footnote, if it wasn’t for a mysterious and anonymous backer who offered to fund the rest of the manuscript and ensure it was recorded and distributed as originally intended. But only if it presented the unvarnished truth behind the Grand Bazaar and not the propaganda piece Kreatek desired.

That tome is what you’re holding in your hands.

Explore Barsaive’s Lagest Marketplace

Stroll through the lanes of Gallery Row and admire the works on display from the artists and galleries found within. While that may not hold the interest of every adventuring adept, certainly all can enjoy the scents and flavors found in the Culinary District. Particularly after a time living on dwarf mine rations while on the road.

From there, the drawing power of Forge Square cannot be denied with sundry Weaponsmiths of varios ability selling their wares. Most important, finding one with time to spend enhancing your armor and weapons.

With this busy day already, catching a show in Little Agora may be a great way to relax. Adepts who enough fame may find themselves signing the autographs and fending off merchants wanting their endorsement. Or even deciding to cash in on that hard won fame and maybe Fop is the best hair and beard oil in the province, it’s not like you use it (being a Handsome Danne man, after all).

Rumors about and peeks into the politics behind the scenes, influences, and plots are also hidden among the pages. Even hints about who the generous investor might be and their motivations. 

Hopefully you come with us as we explore this familiar but new locale in more depth than ever before.

Earthdawn 4th Edition: Grand Bazaar by FASA Corporation — Kickstarter

Thank you everyone for all of your support!

Morgan “Panda” Weeks
Earthdawn Line Developer