Good day friends and fans! Josh here with you. Deadlines caught up with me and so it’s a short entry today.

In case you missed it, the latest Earthdawn release, Empty Thrones was officially released earlier this week. The result of a lot of work, this product explores five notable story arcs that alter the situation in Barsaive.

Each of the four location hubs that are described in the book include multiple adventure hooks. These prequel and sequel narratives allow gamemasters to expand beyond the core frameworks that serve as the focus of the book’s events.

Due to the unfortunate vagaries of layout, one of the sequel hooks included in the pre-release draft was cut for space. This week, we provide that hook so that you don’t miss out. This hook is part of Long Live the King.

Sic Semper Tyrannis

Not all of the Tyrants were captured when Freewater fell, with fewer recaptured after the failed assassination attempt on Darla. A large group of those who escaped traveled southwest to return to lands more friendly to Theran interests. As the group travels, they stumble onto a Landisian ruin that houses an ancient airship that could threaten sky trade throughout the region.

You might think that such a short block of text wouldn’t make a difference when it comes to layout, but… no matter how much tweaking was done, it couldn’t all fit.

For context on what this means, check out Empty Thrones, available now in PDF at the FASA Games web shop, where you can also pre-order the print version!