We have exciting news today: The release of the Vasgothia Foundry module!

I hope everyone is enjoying the full spell lists each Friday. The final list goes up this week. They’re a peek into some of the content from the forthcoming Magic: Deeper Secrets. There’s so much content. Along with those, five new low (one through eight) Circle spells were previewed on the FASA Discord last week and five new high (nine through fifteen) Circle spells are being previewed this week. I emphasize new because these aren’t just new to Fourth Edition, but new entries entirely.

Here’s the first from last week — a little something for Wizards to collect their very important thoughts as they come to mind:

Threads: 2
Weaving: 5/10
Casting: 6
Range: Touch
Duration: Rank hours
Area of Effect: 2-yard radius
Effect: Records thoughts and experiences. This spell records the spellcaster’s experiences and/or dictations. The spellcaster writes their Name on the intended record for this spell (e.g. a book, folio, scroll, etc.) with their finger and makes a Spellcasting (6) test. If successful, they choose which of the two records they wish to have documented: dictation or experiences. Dictation must be preceded and closed by an indication to begin and stop recording, such as “Scribe” and “Stop.” Experiences are recorded in the third person as though by someone with a wry sense of humor who doesn’t necessarily think highly of the spellcaster. This method is unpopular with Wizards who openly wonder why it even exists. The indicated record must be within the area from the spellcaster to have information entered with this spell. The report is magically entered in the selected record using a medium of their choosing (e.g. chalk, charcoal, ink, etc.) in the spellcaster’s handwriting.
Success Levels: Increase Duration (+2 hours)
Extra Threads: Increase Duration (+2 hours), Increase Area (+2 yards)

Join in on the fun here:

Thank you very much!

Morgan “Panda” Weeks
Earthdawn Line Developer