Things have been busy here in Fasa Land. We completed a wonderfully successful Earthdawn Kickstarter for The Adept’s Journey: Mystic Paths and have another kickstarter campaign currently running for the 1879 Ha’Penny Pie graphic novel. In Demonworld developments, I have been hard at work on the Orc book, including cover art and new game mechanics, like the Standard Bearers figures that will be included in the Orc army, as well as made available for the Elf, Dwarf, Thain, and Isthak armies online. More on that in the future.

Right now, I want to give you the breakdown on the shipping schedule for the Isthak book. The cover and interior have been approved by the printer and are being fabricated at this very moment. They will be ready by July 30th and we will have physical copies at Gen Con in Indianapolis starting August 1st. If you will be attending Gen Con and would like to pick up your book there, let me know by emailing me at Leanne@fasagames.com and I will make sure your copy is held for you at the convention.For those who requested add-ons for your backer order, Paypal invoices will be going out this week for your additional totals, so keep your eyes open for those. The faster they are paid, the fewer delays we will see.
The rest of August looks like this:

  • Week of August 5th: Shipping U.S. Book-only orders.
  • Week of August 12th: Shipping for International orders and and orders with figures.

Once the Orc Book is ready, we will be launching another kickstarter for that sometime in the fall. Updates on that will come later.

Thanks for sticking with us. I know I’m not the fastest developer in terms of printable product, but I do love what I do and feel very fortunate that I’m able to keep doing it.