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This week’s post is the final part of the pixie introduction.


Pixie Leader

The destruction caused by the demons to the forest of Iconessa was devastating. The creatures that had lived there were left broken and hopeless at having to leave their beloved trees behind. All that was left to them were a few small patches of forest on the borders of the Empire and Z’Hara. All were united in their grief. But when the grieving was over and action had to be taken, they became divided in what they thought should be done. Some, like the treemen, were reluctant to fight. The centaurs, however, were already arming themselves in preparation to strike back. The pixies were at odds within themselves. They were a peaceful race, but they could not abide the though of the demons occupying their homes and befouling their forest.

Pixie Leader back





It took a long time for the pixies to come to a decision, but when they finally did, they committed to it with as much fervor as they had to their music. They took up weapons and armored themselves to be ready to fight. They planned with the Elves to organize strategies of attack. And their once joyous songs became war cries that sent shivers through the boughs of the forest and heralded a fighting force that would not be taken lightly.



Pixies are humanoid creatures that stand no more than three feet tall and have a pair of wings on their back that allow them to flutter down from high places without danger of injury, though they cannot sustain true flight. Pixies are swift and nimble, making them difficult targets. As part of the miniatures game, they are a unit that can move quickly on the battlefield and deal out quick damage, though they cannot sustain much damage themselves. They are an excellent support unit and great in scenarios that require speed to cross the map.

Next week: Part one of the new Centaur units.


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