1879: Nomazizi the Tribal Warrior

Here’s the last of the characters written for the 1879 Quickstart that didn’t make the cut when we decided on the final seven. This is a simplified version of the character mechanic; we’re putting Nomazizi up more for her backstory than her stats, which you can flesh out as needed.

Nomazizi Lambede, Human Tribal Warrior

Born into a kraal just outside the capital of the Zulu Protectorate, Nomazizi caught the attention of the military at a young age. Swift, fearless, and determined, she was ideal material for a female warrior, possibly even for the king’s bodyguard. She entered service at twelve, after her rite of womanhood, and has carried the iklwa and shield for her nation ever since.

Nomazizi came to London as part of Prince Dabulamanzi KaMpande’s ihkanda, during the Prince’s transportation of his domain to the Grosvenor World at the command of King Nbomani. During the months-long trip from the Zulu Protectorate, through Capetown, and by steamship to London, the Prince became steadily more aware of just how little the Zulu kingdom actually knew about the British Empire. While he would follow the orders of his king, and take his ikhanda through the Rabbit Hole, he scattered a few agents and representatives along the route, with orders to observe, to participate in what activities they felt appropriate, and to send reports to both himself and to the king’s guard. Nomazizi he detailed to explore the underworld of London, to discover for herself the crimes that the British perpetrated upon themselves. Anything she did as part of her work on behalf of the Prince would of course be forgiven under Zulu law, but she would have to make her own way to Zulu territory if the British authorities pursued her.

As cover, Nomazizi says that she disgraced herself as a warrior, and must earn her way back into the service of her Prince. She refuses to provide details, stating that it was a very personal issue, and that she will not discuss it with outsiders. What the British believe about her, she does not care. Her duty is to her Prince, and to bring him the truth about the East End of London and the criminal underworld of the British Empire. She knows of three dead drops where she may leave letters in encrypted isiZulu for her intelligence contact with the Zulu Protectorate embassy in London.

Nomazizi Lambede, Human Tribal Warrior

Dexterity (DEX) 17 7 / d12 Physical Defense 10
Strength (STR) 13 6 / d10 Mystic Defense 6
Toughness (TOU) 15 6 / d10 Social Defense 6
Perception (PER) 10 5 / d8
Willpower (WIL) 13 6 / d10 Physical Armor 4/+2*
Charisma (CHA) 10 5 / d8 Mystic Armor 3/+1*
Initiative 6 D10 Unconsciousness 48
Movement 12 yards Death Rating 57
Karma D8 18 pts Wound Threshold 10
current Recovery / Day 3

*With her hide shield equipped

Skill Name Attribute Rank Step Action Dice
Animal Handling WIL 2 8 2d6
Avoid Blow DEX 3 10 2d8
Awareness PER 3 8 2d6
Climbing DEX 3 10 2d8
Distract CHA 1 6 D10
Firearms DEX 2 9 d8_d6
Great Leap DEX 2 9 d8+d6
Hunting DEX 2 9 d8+d6
Melee Weapons DEX 3 10 2d8
Shake It Off DEX 2 9 d8+d6
Shield Charge STR 3 9 d8+d6
Throwing Weapons DEX 2 9 d8+d6
Unarmed Combat DEX 3 10 2d8


  • Assegai, Damage 4+STR, Short 10, Long 20
  • Iklwa, Damage 4+STR
  • Bolt Action Rifle, Damage 9, Rate of Fire 1, Capacity 5, Short 100, Long 300, Staging +4
  • Ammunition, 40 rounds
  • Flak Jacket (British military surplus, old design)
  • Hide Shield
  • Cotton shirt, Canvas trousers
  • Hiking Boots


  • Nomazizi speaks and reads isiZulu and English.
  • Current Cash: 1 shilling 5 pence