This week, in contrast to the Elves from last week, we are bringing you the preview of the Dark Elves.

Dark Elves are a product of Elven lineage combined with demon blood. They carry the magic of demons in their veins. This combination has created a race of Elves that are able to sense and, in some cases, control demons.

All Dark Elves have pure black hair, much unlike their fairer cousins, and their veins are visible under their skin as thin black lines, making their appearance somewhat unsettling. The demon blood has had its effect on the Dark Elves’ life span. They live only 225 years, at most, and the life-extending meditation of the Elves does not work for them. However, they are heartier and stronger than Elves. They excel at physical combat, and their skill in arcane magic is as strong as any Elf.

Dark Elf society is highly structured. Their entire existence has been embroiled in fighting demons. As a result, their entire race have led lives that are entire dedicated to the fight. Their  leaders are generals and champions instead of councilors and politicians. The First General, Alhavrin Farseer, commands the entire race, and each and every Dark Elf follows her without dissent. There are no artists, poets, or scholars among them. A life of war does not allow time for such soft pursuits. Their appreciation for life and the sanctity they find in living has not changed from their Elven ancestry. But while the Elves spend more time enjoying their own lives, Dark Elves dedicate themselves to the protection of other lives, and all life, above their own.

Since their return to Tinére, the Dark Elves have been invaluable to the fight against the demons and Isthak. The Demonguard specialty originated from the demonic magic within their blood and they have been able to share knowledge of this magic with the other races. Becoming a Demonguard does not turn one into something like the Dark Elves, but it does unlock the ability to use the magic of the demons and use it against them. This ability has become a vital part of every race’s army and has become the uniting factor in bringing the races of Tinére together, albeit temporarily.

As characters, Dark Elves are serious, but compassionate. While they are hardened by a life spent at war, they are still genuine and caring. They are not as aloof as Elves are known to be, but they are deadly focused when it comes time to fight. They don’t attract friends, due to their off-putting appearance, but they love with their whole being when they do find friends they can count on. Dark Elves make excellent magicians, though they do not have priests, and they are formidable in physical roles as well. They are very well-rounded characters and can fill almost any role.