Not all ancestral spirits are friendly and supportive. Some are dangerous. Some are just, well, chancy ….

Here’s a preview from the 1879 Gamemaster’s Guide.

Gran Hargreaves (Example Ancestral Spirit)

Most of the folk passing along Bishopsgate, going to and from Liverpool Street Station in Spitalfields, wouldn’t know that the old woman selling apples at the entry to Rose Alley died two years ago, just a day after the Rabbit Hole down in Greenwich opened up and the world got set on its ear. The neighbours wish her good day when they see her. Only the Flynn boy was silly enough to buy an apple from her, defying his own gran and showing off in front of the block. Funny about how he died that afternoon, beaten and clawed to death by a hundred different people and animals, not a one of which left tracks in the mud of the alley where he’d gone to bring that apple back up. They said it was almost like the kicks and punches and careless bruises he’d inflicted on others all came back of a sudden. Once in a while, someone passes the time with Gran Hargreaves, just a quick trade of neighbourly gossip, as you do, and sometimes that person learns something, and maybe it’s just a little bit of oddness, and maybe it’s something you might rest easier not knowing about your neighbours. The Hargreaves clan has always been a bit chancy.

Force Rating 7 Ally (Ancestral) Spirit, “Gran Hargreaves”

DEX: 11 STR: 10 TOU: 11
PER: 10 WIL: 10 CHA: 11
Initiative: 11 Physical Defense: 15
Actions: 2 Mystic Defense: 16
Attack: 13 Social Defense: 17
Damage: Physical Armor: 6
Unarmed: 9 Mystic Armor: 10
Death: 57 Recovery Tests: 4
Unconsciousness: NA Knockdown: 10
Wound Threshold: 14 Movement: 12
Adventure Award: Journeyman Tier (1 per 2 PC)
Karma Points: 14 Karma Step: 10
Powers: Aid Summoner (7), Astral SightS (17), Curse (17), Empathic Sense (17), Evil Eye (17), Find (17), Lifesight (17), Manifest (7)
Equipment, Loot: None