I’m writing this post from GenCon as my day is ending on Saturday. I’m scheduling it to release tomorrow morning, and while I do plan to do a full post convention report to do a more complete dive into how things have gone this year, I wanted to take a moment (while I have one to spare) to extend a big thank you to everyone who has and will stop by before the con is over. Events like this are where I feel most at home, surrounded not only by my friends and co-workers here at FASA, but also by all of you, my fellow nerds. I’ve said many times before that the gaming community is one of the best ones out there for having friendly, intelligent, and inclusive people in it, and from what I’ve seen, the community around FASA seems to bring out the best of that in everyone. I love that I get the opportunity to not only take part, but actually work in gaming and directly contribute my ideas to the industry. Perhaps the only part I love more is getting to oversee the end result of the team I’ve built up for 1879 and seeing their collective efforts and ideas being so well received by the community.

None of it is possible without all of you, so again, thank you for making this such a great community and industry to take part in. If you haven’t swung by the booth yet, I’ll be there tomorrow after my morning demo wraps up, and will be there until close, so come on by if you have the chance.

That’s about all I had for the moment; I’ll have a more thorough wrap up of the con next week, so tune in then if you want to hear more about how things went!