To begin our series on the factions of the Isthak, we will begin with the Beastmen.

Beastmen are the most commonly encountered faction of the Isthak’s many allies. They serve as the army’s shock troops, manning the front lines in large battles, and taking the vast majority of the casualties.

Armored Beastman

The Beastmen may be the Isthak’s throw-away troops, but they can hold their own in battle, without a doubt. They stand a head and shoulders taller than an average human, and are all muscles, claws, and thick fur. They have a certain zeal for taking the lives of humans especially, but will settle for the shedding the blood of any soft thing.

Beastman Polar Bear Rider

Their commanders are not great intellectuals, but they have a knack for combat tactics that makes achieving victory quick and efficient; hack it up until it’s dead, then find something else to kill.