The Ha’penny Pie is a traditional British dessert originally from the Northern English county of Cumberland. Traditionally, the pie would be served late at night some hours after the evening meal and shortly before bed. A street-purchased pie breaks the night’s repose. This “easily put together” dessert and street food is where our webcomic takes its name.

Based on FASA Games’ 1879 game system and universe, Ha’Penny Pie is a steampunk / fantasy mystery webcomic, centered on Holmesian “wanna be” detective Henry Hydesworth and his childhood friend Smedley (a troll).

Join creator and illustrator Don Higgins for weekly installments of mystery, adventure, romance, and just a bit o’humor in Ha’Penny Pie.

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1879: And Now for Something Completely Different

Hello once again FASA fans. For this week’s developer post, I’m going to be taking off the Line Developer hat for a moment and putting on the one for IT Manager (yes, I’m currently doing both jobs) to address something that has been asked for by many people for quite a while. Don’t worry, this is still semi-related to 1879, at least in part, just not the core game books.

After some very late nights (and vacation days from my day job), I can finally present to you the live and updated sites for both Ha’Penny Pie and Champion’s Challenge!

For those of you that aren’t aware, Ha’Penny Pie is our web comic set in the 1879 game world, and Champion’s Challenge is set in Earthdawn. Both are written and drawn by Don Higgins.

The comics have always been a complicated thing for us, having to shoehorn them into the existing post structure of a web design that was never intended to function in that way, and redoing the structure would throw all the other posts and game information out of whack. With the comics having become such an extension of the game worlds (spoilers if you haven’t seen Champion’s Challenge 105 yet), not to mention a showcase for the fantastic work that Don does, they needed and deserved their own showcase to be put on display properly. It has taken a lot of time to get what we needed to together to make that happen, I appreciate everyone’s patience while that was set up.

As of now, that patience is needed no more! Check out the full site for Ha’Penny Pie at and Champion’s Challenge at (including today’s earlier post). You can browse the full archives of both comics, tag pages with a virtual bookmark if you need more than one sitting to catch up, and of course post comments on individual pages. I recommend bookmarking these home pages in your browser, as they will be updated automatically when a new comic is posted (I’m told Ha’Penny Pie should be resuming likely some time in early July, stay tuned for more details). The links on the FASA Games home page for the comics will be updated to the new sites as soon as this blog post goes out.

Thank you again for everyone who has shown patience while these upgrades have been completed, and if this is your first time hearing about the comics, enjoy the new stories to read!



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