The Ha’penny Pie is a traditional British dessert originally from the Northern English county of Cumberland. Traditionally, the pie would be served late at night some hours after the evening meal and shortly before bed. A street-purchased pie breaks the night’s repose. This “easily put together” dessert and street food is where our webcomic takes its name.

Based on FASA Games’ 1879 game system and universe, Ha’Penny Pie is a steampunk / fantasy mystery webcomic, centered on Holmesian “wanna be” detective Henry Hydesworth and his childhood friend Smedley (a troll).

Join creator and illustrator Don Higgins for weekly installments of mystery, adventure, romance, and just a bit o’humor in Ha’Penny Pie.

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Ha’Penny Pie Vol 2 Pg 38 by Don Higgins



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