In light of the storm now hammering the Northeast (and my windows), I’d like to step away from the playable races of Demonworld and shed some light on a more malevolent race from the Ice Wastes; the Ice Witches.

Ice Witches are a race of blue-skinned females who are remarkably gifted in both magic and maliciousness. Their society is entirely matriarchal. In fact, there are no male Ice Witches. They breed by taking male slaves and bending their minds to the Ice Witches’ needs, whether it be as laborers, guards, or mates. Ice Witches are known for their cruelty and bloodlust. In battle, they take unusual pleasure in slaughtering enemies with magic, swords, or even their bare hands. Their excitement will often reach a level of sexual ecstasy, making it all the more likely that they will take prisoners for mating.

The Ice Witches live in the frozen city of Harrane located just north of the Axaloi Mountains that create the Empire’s northern border. Here, the North Queen, Karmona, rules with a merciless grip. Her deputies, the East, West, and South Witches, enforce her rule without question. To question the North Queen results in a lengthly and painful demise.

Karmona also serves as one of Rhagai’s Ice Lords, the generals that carry out his orders and work to subvert the efforts of the allied armies while promoting the agenda of S’h-Karath and his demon armies. Karmona’s rule began fifty years ago, and her sadistic tendencies have only intensified in this time. It is well known that Karmona killed her mother, Queen Ljaca, in order to take the throne, but anyone who dares bring up this fact quickly vanishes, only to turn up in the stables’ feeding troughs. Karmona takes her first pick of mates among human prisoners, but regularly consumes a mixture of herbs and tinctures in order to ensure she does not produce offspring. Her cruelty is only matched by her paranoia. She is careful not to let a child of her own take away her power.

As enemies, the Ice Witches are frightening to deal with. An army against them must be prepared to fend off brutal frontal attacks as well as powerful magical assaults. Ice Witch armies often also employ platoons of Beastmen to increase their numbers, letting the more primal creatures take the first casualties and make way for the Ice Witches’ more valuable soldiers.